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Four Greek brokers, Stavros Drakogiannopoulos, Costas Karadimas, Theodore Moissoglou, and Costis Tsalpatouros, whose well-known activities span two decades in International sale & purchase scene, founded Allied Shipbroking Inc. back in 1988.

Their aim then was straight-forward and simple: to offer a comprehensive package of contemporary added-value services to clients interested in acquiring or selling a commercial vessel within the shipping community, a task that requires experienced handling of delicate matters, vast market knowledge (both legal and financial), a trustworthy network of associates, and daily perseverance. In 1997 George Daskalakis joined them. Twenty two years later, this vision continues to be the mission of Allied. Today Allied Shipbroking Inc. has gained worldwide recognition and fame and is considered to be one of the best shipbroking companies in sale and purchase of vessels.


Allied’s main activity focuses on the sale and purchase of merchant vessels, including the dynamic sectors of new building and demolition. An additional service offered to clients, and only under specific conditions, is ship financing. Consultation is offered by a team of experts to assist interested parties in building their relationships with key individuals, banks and other financial institutions. Moreover, the company is engaged in vessel valuation, a service that in addition to its vast client base, is also offered to reputable national and international banks. Allied grants its clients the advantage of knowing how to achieve their commercial goals in the shipping industry.

In 2001, Allied was appointed and granted a seat on the newly-established panel of brokers valuating ocean-going shipping companies interested in being listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, and is a BIMCO affiliate.

All brokers are members of the Hellenic Shipbroking Association (HSA).


Allied Shipbroking Inc. successfully negotiates a great number of sale & purchase deals annually. Allied’s goal is to increase this average through continuous investment in advanced state-of-the-art applied information technology, qualified personnel add-ins, incessant analysis of market data, and a focus on increasing the percent of its international client base.

Allied’s detailed knowledge of the shipping market along with historical inside information allows for accurate and concrete consultation with respect to the performance of seaborne trade overall.

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